Frequently Asked Questions about your Surgery

The Staff and Physicians at East Columbus Surgery Center specialize in treating a variety of conditions. We want you to be well informed and prepared for your surgery or procedure scheduled with us. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. Our highly trained staff are available to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Cataract Surgery
Laser Surgery

Cataract Surgery

When can I return for my other eye?

You will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment postoperatively. Your doctor will then assess the conditionof your other eye to determine if cataract surgery is necessary. If it is warranted, it can be scheduled the following week or later.

What is the lens implant?

A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens in the eye. When this cloudy lens is removed it is replaced with an artificial lens, or implant, to allow the eye to focus.

When can I return to work?

Most patients are able to return to work the day after surgery. All normal activities are permitted and encouraged.

When do I start the eye drops?

Start all post–op drops as soon as you get home from surgery. PLEASE follow the written instructions provided upon discharge.

Will I have to wear a patch?

Generally, a patch is not required, but if you feel more comfortable wearing a patch at night to avoid rubbing your eye, we will happily provide one for you.
Will I go to sleep during the surgery?

No. You will receive monitored anesthesia which consists of a mild sedative to relax you, but not make you go to sleep. The degree of anesthesia is determined by the length and complexity of the surgery.

Will the cataract come back?

No. But in time the transparent membrane which supports the lens implant can become hazy. This may cause your vision to become cloudy. A simple, brief, painless YAG laser is used to open the membrane, restoring your vision.

What do I do about my prescription eyeglasses?

Your spectacle prescription will be re-evaluated during your post operative visit. You will not be prescribed new glasses until healing is complete; generally one to three weeks. If your other eye requires cataract surgery, eyeglasses will not be prescribed until your second surgery and post operative care is completed. You may ask your optician to remove the lens from your glasses on the operative side while you are waiting for surgery on your other eye. However, this is not required and your old glasses can be used in the interim period.

I was told not to rub my eye immediately after surgery. Will I ever be able to rub my eye again?

Although it is very important not to rub your eye as you heal from surgery, once healing is complete ( about six weeks ), you can safely resume gentle, reasonable amounts of occasional eye rubbing.

Is my eye removed during surgery?

No, absolutely not!

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Why is my vision blurry, and how will this treatment improve my vision?

After cataract surgery, the transparent membrane which supports the lens implant may become hazy over time. This may cause your vision to become cloudy. A simple, brief, painless YAG laser is used to open the membrane, restoring your vision.

Will the membrane grow back come back?

No, the membrane will not typically grow back.

Do I have to use eye drops after the laser treatment?

You will receive written instructions upon discharge. There are no drops required. However, please resume any drops you were advised to use prior to the laser treatment.

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