Richard A Erdey, MD

Meet Dr. Erdey

Dr. Richard A. Erdey is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions. As a corneal and refractive specialist, he specializes in training, experience, and research in refractive surgery (including LASIK, PRK, ICL, RK, and AK), anterior segment, corneal and lens surgery (including small incision rapid rehabilitation "dropless" cataract surgery, intraocular lens (IOL) implantation, corneal transplantation surgery (PK) and laser surgery). Dr. Erdey is a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the International Society of Refractive Keratoplasty, the American College of Surgeons, the American Medical Association, and a diplomat of the American Board of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Erdey completed his undergraduate degree at Hofstra University in Long Island, then attended The Medical College of Virginia in Richmond for his medical degree. He returned to New York to complete an internship in internal medicine followed by an ophthalmology residency at North Shore Cornell University Medical College where he was honored to be chief resident. Upon completion of his ophthalmology residency in 1988, he continued his studies at Ohio State University to become a refractive and cornea specialist. As a corneal fellow, Dr. Erdey participated in early excimer laser bench work and clinical research. This experience provided the foundation for Dr. Erdey to master techniques in refractive surgery, corneal transplantation, and "no stitch" cataract removal using approaches that permit rapid visual rehabilitation.

His commitment to ophthalmology research and teaching led him to co-direct the Cornea Research and Laser Laboratory at the University of Rochester Strong Memorial Hospital in New York in 1989. Ophthalmologists, both nationally and internationally, seeking additional corneal expertise became corneal clinical and research fellows under Dr. Erdey's direction. That same year, he became an investigator for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical trials of the VISX excimer laser system for PRK, which led to its subsequent approval for use in the United States.

Since relocating and establishing his practice in Columbus in 1992, Dr Erdey's passion for advancing corrective vision surgery has led him to participate as an investigator for numerous clinical studies. These include intacs® for keratoconus, iris reconstructive lenses, CRS LASIK, and the implantable contact lens (ICL). One of Dr. Erdey's patients was the first in Ohio to receive this implant in 1998. This event was featured on local and national television coverage in over ten major U.S. cities. Over the years, he has accumulated extensive clinical experience with four different excimer laser systems and performed several thousand refractive surgical procedures. He is recognized as a pioneer in corrective vision surgery through his development of new surgical techniques and instrument design.

Recently, more advanced tissue-sparing cornea transplantation techniques — DALK, DSEK, and DMEK — have been introduced, which have unique advantages over traditional full-thickness cornea transplantation (PK), a procedure that had changed little over the last hundred years. As an advisor to the Central Ohio Lions Eyebank, Dr. Erdey has championed these newer procedures and helped to refine and establish them throughout Columbus. Dr. Erdey offers these advanced cornea transplant options to suitable patients.

In 2014, he became the first in central Ohio to perform “dropless” cataract surgery, a safer and more cost-effective alternative to using eye drops after surgery. This has become the standard of care in his practice.

Dr. Erdey lectures extensively, and his numerous research and clinical articles have been published in multiple professional journals and textbooks.


"I am so thankful for Dr Erdey for performing my cataract surgery. Having had horrible vision most of my life Dr Erdey was able to remove the cataracts and improve my vision beyond belief. His team from beginning to end was kind , helpful, answered all my questions and scheduled me right away for surgery. I jokingly said to one of the nurses, ‘ spa day’ as she put a warm blanket on me prior to surgery. Many thanks and blessings to Dr Erdey and team!"



"These people are phenomenal. The staff was wonderful. I only had to wait 10 minutes. They give you a series of test. Then, write you a prescription, and you're out the door. To bad they don't take children under 18"



"Fantastic practice. Dr Erdy and his team are the best. Compassionate, friendly, efficient, highly skilled."



"3 Years ago I met Dr. Erdey when I was having difficulty seeing driving at night. Dr. Erdey explained to me how previous Radial Keratotomy scarring was causing my blurred and starburst night vision. He recommended a DALK procedure which is a partial corneal transplant. Needless to say I was hesitant. However, Dr. Erdey took the time to explain to me in detail the procedure and the expected time it would take. I decided to trust The Erdey Searcy Eye Group, and I am happy to say I am glad I did. The first procedure had me second guessing my decision as my vision was cloudy following the replacement. Dr. Erdey assured me it was normal and to give it time. As the healing process progressed my vision still was not improving. This was directly related to the shape of my eye which again Dr.Erdey explained was normal and would be corrected through contacts, glasses or possibly cataract surgery....which can be accelerated because of the DALK procedure. Once the sutures were removed, and the cornea continued healing, it was clearly evident the scarring Dr. Erdey referred to from the previous RK was corrected. It was now time to wait for the cornea to fully heal and allow for a cataract surgery to address sight degradation. As I waited we entered a prescription for glasses to help with my sight. It was not optimal, however I chose to pursue and wow, what a difference....I could see again....clearly. This gave me the resolve to have the second eye transplant....but we needed to correct the cataract first. Once this was complete I was amazed to realize I had been seeing the world in distorted colors in addition to the scarring.....I found a shirt I thought was green was actually blue and wondered how people must have thought I had no ability to match what I was wearing......that small downside was worth the upside of being able to see in a whole new way. I was excited for the next surgery, but had to wait........Once fully healed Dr.Erdey performed the second DALK on my right eye. One note.....the amazing steadiness of Dr. Erdey's hands are amazing. The sutures he put into my eye were exquisite, but they can be painful. Things were going smoothly until I got a virus. I experienced partial rejection while on a business trip. The swelling in my eye caused a tear out of the sutures, and the pain was pretty tough. Dr. Erdey took my call ( at night) and saw me the next morning when I returned. He immediately put me on the proper drops and "beat back" the rejection. This is one of the benefits of DALK.....far less rejection of the doner tissue. This set us back a few months, however we got back on track. Finally the sutures were removed, and I was looking at my next cataract surgery. Fortunately as time has passed Light Adjustable Lenses became available and I decided to have that technology placed into my right eye. This surgery was performed two days ago and so far so good. We have several light treatments to go, however I am excited for the prospects of the final vision as my vision now is quite good without dialing in the UV adjustments.....will update again as we progress. I'll end this by saying Dr. Erdey and his staff are expert caregivers. They know how to diagnose and explain the proper treatment....and they can address setbacks in the most professional manner. I've gotten to know Dr.Erdey over these years and truly am glad to have gotten to know him both professionally and personally.....could not give a higher recommendation and want to thank him for giving me the best sight of my life....and it is only going to get better with the adjustments. Truly remarkable as I've worn glasses for more than 50 years and now can say I know what good eye sight really means. Don't think twice about trusting your eyesight with the Erdey Searcy Eye Group Team! Truly appreciate your skill Dr. Erdey! Rich E"



"I was referred to Dr. Richard Erdey for corneal surgery. I had RK in 1994 that basically shredded my corneas. I was at a point that my vision was uncorrectable via glasses or contacts. Dr. Erdey performed a DALK procedure (Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK), a surgical procedure for removing the corneal stroma down to Descemet's membrane). My experience was excellent. The Dr. and staff were wonderful. Dr. Erdey is caring and thorough. He calls and texts me to see how I'm getting along. He went as far as looking up flights for me as I was wintering in FL at the time of my 2nd transplant surgery and arranged for another leading surgeon in Ft. Myers, FL to do a follow up so I didn't have to fly back to Columbus, OH. The surgeon in FL was very impressed by Dr. Erdeys skills as was my referring Dr. and optometrist. My vision has been restored and I will have 20/20 bilaterally once my cataracts are removed in another year or so. His office is very busy but they are very friendly. They are working as fast as they can to meet your needs in a timely manner but often times you are waiting 30 min to an hour to get seen by the Dr. but you are seen by at least 2 other staff members running vision tests and such so that when he gets in the room he's full on your case and focused on you. By the time you leave it's been 2 hrs but I'm not complaining and I feel that's reasonable. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Erdey and his office staff. They take time to explain everything and when you go in for your surgery the nurses are wonderful and caring. I highly recommend him. Don't put off taking care of your vision. If you've been told there's nothing else they can do to correct your vision get another opinion and go see Dr. Erdey."



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